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Trade mark "Security Seals" offers completely new service in the market of sealing devices based on deeper approach to a problem of theft: system of CS (complex servicing of the enterprise), including:

  • Examination of operating and new seals for reliability and 'unlockedness' by company's own experts;
  • Examination of new types of seals for reliability and "unlockedness" by experts of State Scientific - Research Criminal Center under Internal Affairs Ministry of
  • Ukraine, and granting of the official conclusion letter;
  • Global market research of means and methods of sealing and submission of the basic types and kinds;
  • Selection, modernization and creation of new, optimum variants of means and methods of sealing, based on three key criteria:
    - Reliability;
    - Indicator function;
    - Economic feasibility.
  • Purchase and customs clearing of sealing devices;
  • Sorting of seals and making them ready for installation under the "turnkey" principle;
  • Delivery of seals to the high-rank official (not lower than the vice-president on power resources (supply department and warehouse are excluded);
If you have interest in the reliable and competent partner in CSP system, our company will be glad to offer you special conditions of cooperation and to answer all your questions.

Protecting your interests, we taking care of our reputation.

Tel.: +38 (048) 728-3-000, 746-35-39
2010 Security Seals®.

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