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SCORPION+ Security Seal

"SCORPION+" Security Seal is reserved for lead sealing of test equipment, distribution cabinets, sensors, reservoirs, rooms, containers, rooms and many other objects for sealing reliability control of which needs to make pull-up of sealing wire!

Advantages of "SCORPION+" Security Seal:

  • 10 (Ten) levels of protection!
  • Possibility to place with pull-up of sealing wire!
  • High indicator activity!
  • Easiness to place!
  • The own glowing in UV light!
  • Possibility to make with hard variant of number and logotype!
securityseal scorpion

10 Levels of Protection of "SCORPION+" Security Seal:

  1. Protecting from replacement of cusomers' number and logotype (marking of number and logotype in the seal solid by the special technology without use of dyes).
  2. Protecting of rotor insertion from extraction (clickwork, broken off plastic small flag).
  3. Protecting from extraction of sealing wire (clickwork).
  4. Protecting of rotor mounting from replacement("continuous numbering" of security seals).
  5. Protecting from replacement of sealing rope(transparent case of security seal).
  6. Protecting of rotor insertion from extraction (internal ledges of seals case).
  7. Protecting of rotor insertion from replacement (rotors'number duplication of security seal).
  8. Defence of the security seal case numbered rotor for impossibility of manipulations.
  9. Application of the special dyes for seals material, the imitation of which is eliminated.
  10. Protecting from manipulations with seal before the installation (self-destruction clickwork).
securityseal scorpion

The own glowing in UV light:

SCORPION security seal Having glowing effect in UV light, Scorpion+ security seal allows control of keeping the sealed object intact in hard-to-reach and darkened places.

Rules of Placing "SCORPION+" Security Seal:

1. Lead the sealing wire into holes of a sealed object.

SCORPION security seal

2. Thread free wire ends through holes in seal body, closing the seal to 30 mm to the object being sealed.
Secure Seal

3. Rotate drum flag clockwise till making maximum pull-up of sealing wire.

4. Break drum flag.


Rules of Checking a Placed "SCORPION+" Security Seal:

  1. Check correspondence of number and logotype of the examined seal to the number and logotype mentioned in the log.
  2. Check correspondence of numbers on the body and on the drum of the seal being inspected.
  3. Check absence of action traces onto the seal body and drum.
  4. Check consistency of sealing wire (visually and manually).
Recordkeeping Rules of "SCORPION+" Security Seals: Numbers of all the placed (removed) seals should be entered in the log containing the following information:
  1. Location of placing (removing) the seal.
  2. Date and time of placing (removing) the seal.
  3. Instrument number and readings.
  4. Name and signature of the person who placed (removed) the seal.
Conditions of Ordering "SCORPION+" Security Seals*:

Order of "SCORPION+" security seals is accepted in accordance of any findings of examining a written application of the customer (being a juridical person) containing the following information:

  1. Name, rank, requisites of an enterprise - customer.
  2. Name and type of object of sealing.
  3. The volume of non-recurring supply (pieces).
  4. Exercising date of supply
  5. Logotype (alphanumeric)
  6. Color of drum.
  7. Variant of making the number and logotype (colorless or black).
*It is impossible to order seal enumeration. Seals are supplied with continuous, sequential, non-recurring numbering.


  1. Security Seals TM guarantees absence of possibility to open and place again KROK security seal illegally without making traces!
  2. Security Seals TM guarantees absence of possibility to produce KROK security seal illegally!
Protecting your interests we care for our name!

Security seal Scorpion Plus

Tel.: +38 (048) 728-3-000, 746-35-39
2010 Security Seals®.

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