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CRYSTAL Security Seal

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CRYSTAL security seal is a seal of new generation. It allows changing the level of prevention of interference into the activity of test equipment cardinally, as well as making sure reliable work with access to such objects, as: monetary safe deposits in banks, cash bags, storage rooms, reservoirs, vans, containers, fuel stations, offices, game machines, cabinets and many other objects.

In accordance with any findings of tests carried out by specialists of Security Seals TM CRYSTAL seal was assigned the highest durability rank in the indicator seal class!

Bonuses of CRYSTAL Security Seal:

  • 9 (nine) levels of protection!
  • The own glowing in UV light!
  • Maximum indicator activity!
  • Wide temperature range of using!
  • Easiness to place.
  • Not large overall dimensions.
  • Convenient packing.
  • The best price quality relationship!
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Security Seal

9 (nine) Levels of Protection of CRYSTAL Security Seal:

  1. Original customer's logotype determines the ownership of the seal.
  2. The unique seven-digit number identifies the seal.
  3. Placing the number and logotype in the material of the seal excludes possibility of changing them.
  4. Transparent body of the seal allows absolute possibility of visual control of latch mechanism consistency.
  5. Construction design of the seal, being a monolithic detail, doesn't allow making changing of separate parts of the seal.
  6. Special material of the seal, combining spring power and frangibility characteristics, doesn't allow opening the seal after placing it without breaking the body.
  7. Presence of two gutters in breech piece gives true information about consistency of sealing wire.
  8. Material of the seal not changing their properties in 80C+120C temperature range excludes possibility of opening by directional temperature action.
  9. Special cover plate makes it impossible to achieve breech piece.

The own glowing in UV light:

Having glowing effect in UV light, CRYSTAL seal allows control of keeping the sealed object intact in hard-to-reach and darkened places.

Rules of Placing CRYSTAL Security Seal:

1. Lead the sealing wire into holes of a sealed object.
Crystal security seal

2. Thread free wire ends through holes in seal body.
Secure Seal

3. Place tongue into the body and close the body by pressing till hearing typical click.

4. Nip ends of wire, hung over the seal body limits, by side-cutting pliers.

Rules of Checking a Placed CRYSTAL Security Seal:

  1. Check correspondence of number and logotype of the examined seal to the number and logotype mentioned in the log.
  2. Check consistency and absence of action traces onto the seal body and sealer.
  3. Check consistency of sealing wire (visually and manually).
Recordkeeping Rules of CRYSTAL Security Seals: Numbers of all the placed (removed) seals should be entered in the log containing the following information:
  1. Location of placing (removing) the seal.
  2. Date and time of placing (removing) the seal.
  3. Instrument number and readings.
  4. Name and signature of the person who placed (removed) the seal.
  5. Name and signature of the person who inspected the object of sealing.
Conditions of Ordering CRYSTAL Security Seals*:

Order of security seals is accepted in accordance of any findings of examining a written application of the customer (being a juridical person) containing the following information:

  1. Name, rank, requisites of an enterprise - customer.
  2. Name and type of object of sealing.
  3. The volume of non-recurring supply (pieces).
  4. Exercising date of supply
  5. Logotype (graphic or alphanumeric).
  6. Color of seals.
  7. Variant of making the number and logotype (colorless or black).
*It is impossible to order seal enumeration. Seals are supplied with continuous, sequential, non-recurring numbering.

When signing long-term contracts, the special price is allowed.

Timing of Order: Timing of orders depends upon the volume of order. The minimum timing of order is 10 banking days. The maximum timing of order is 30 banking days.


  1. Security Seals TM guarantees absence of possibility to open and place again CRYSTAL security seal illegally without making traces!
  2. Security Seals TM guarantees absence of possibility to produce CRYSTAL security seal illegally!
Protecting your interests we care for our name!

Security seal Crystal

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